濵 ̳ Ȳ (2015.03.11~2015.06.19)
: 2015-06-24  |  ȸ: 2,900
3.11 Mechanisms to Induce Buyer Forecasting: Do Suppliers Always Benefit from Better Forecasting? Prof.
Thunyarat (Bam) Amornpetchkul
NIDA Business School, Thailand
3.13 Price Competition or uncertainty reduction? An investigation of green car technology
3.13 The Impact of Social Media Sentiment and Mobile Technology on Stock Market Trading ̻ Ѿб
3.12 ɸ Ŀ ϱ/ Understanding the psychogical power


ܱб 濵
3.13 " ̷ а ȸп" " а
3.17 Inferring Hidden Links by Literature-based Discovery: Applications and Implications ۹ б а
3.17 "The impact of labor unions on external audits" ȣ б
3.19 Behavioral Pricing ȣ
3.25 An Empirical Investigation on the Choices of Supply Chain and Operations
Management Executives
Prof.Vinod Singhal Georgia Institute of Technology
3.20  丮ڸ ȸп ϴ 濵
3.24 ó ϱ/Speak Like a Leader ֳ ǥ Boston English Labǥ
3.26 Reputation    Prof.Rupert Younger Director of Oxford University's Center for Corporate Reputation
3.27 ȸ ֿ ̷а 濵/ȸ ȸа
3.26 ҼȳƮũ (Empirical Studies of Social Network Marketing  
3.25 The 3D Printing Revolution Prof. Aric Rendfleisch Univ. of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
3.27 Mechanisms linking emotional labor and psychological well-being: Integrating two different


3.26 The Effects of Staged Uncertainty on Search Behaviors and Buying Propensity in Sponsored Search Platforms: A Purchase Funnel Perspective  
4.1 The co-development approach as a key to success in B2B relationships? An investigation of drivers and innovative outcomes Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg Darmstadt University of Technology 
4.3 2015 Ⱥ ȯ ȭ
EU̻ȸ ܱ
4.2 SNS ޽ ⿡ ġ б  
4.3 The paradox of financial fire sales (with James Dow) Stockholm School of Economics/Sweden
4.3 Task decomposition and newsvendor decision making KAIST
4.3 (1) Does information asymmetry exist around preliminary earnings releases?

(2) Woman and accounting profession
4.9 The impact of financial reporting and disclosure quality on a CFOs reputation ¹  
4.7 » OR Ұ Ʈ ׸ ֿ ̽
(Application of OR Methods to Power Industry and Prospect for Smart Grid Trend)
ڻ ѱ⿬
4.10 The More Social Cues, The Less Trolling? An Empirical Study on Online Commenting
4.10 Clothe Your Minds with Unique Fashion That Feels Right to You ȫʹ
4.21 An examination of work exhaustion in the mobile enterprise environment Ӱǽ
4.24 Entering Convergent Product Market: Cooperation Synergy and Market Expansibility
4.23 Motivated goal setting and its impact on goal revision under risk

4.24 Fools enter late? Founder characteristics and the inherently weak competitiveness of
late entrants
Prof. Aleksios Gotspoulos հ 
4.29 Understanding of embodied cognition and its implications to marketing field ػ  
4.30 - Ϻ ߳⸶ġ̻ ̿ 
5.1 A Multiproduct Risk-Averse Newsvendor with Law-Invariant Coherent Measures of Risk ּ
5.1 Political Sources of Hybrid Organizational Practices: Multiple Institutional Logics and
Organizational Settlement
5.1 The impact of financial reporting and disclosure quality on a CFOs reputation ̿ հ 濵
5.8 Market Responses around Earnings Warnings: Evidence from Insider Trading

5.7 Ʈô Ʈ 귣 嵿   ȫʹ ðа
5.8 , 񱳿: ̷а University of Sydney

Determinants of Virtual R&D Teams performance: A Social Network Perspective

ֵ ѱװ
5.15 IFRS 9 ǰ, з, , ջ ȸ̽ ȸ迬 ȫ åӿ ѱȸؿ
5.22 Social interaction Effects on inventory depletion and service performance in Social shopping on the internet  濵п 
5.14 ̵ȯ濡 : ̷а
Marketing in New Media Environment: Theories and Future Research Agenda
ø 濵
5.15 Magnification and Correction of the Acolyte Effect: Initial Benefits and Ex Post Settling up in NFL Coaching Careers Prof. Martin Kilduff University
College London
5.21 ߱ / Chinese Economy and Market â ڻ
5.18 ۷ιڵ ߼ ֿ ڵ öȫ ѱڵ

޸ ǻ


5.22 SNS Ϳ踶 Cause-Related Marketing on SNS ̶̹ ߾Ӵ
5.22 Culture, Ambidexterity and Performance: A Team-Level Study ڻ

ϴ 濵к

5.22 Political uncertainty and cost stickiness ̿

5.22 An Analytics Approach to Managing Provider Treatment Variety to Improve Patient Outcomes for a Type-2 Diabetes Clinic ǿ
5.26 Conducting Judgment and Decision Making Research in Financial Accounting Hun Tong Tan Nanyang Technological University
5.29 Does the XBRL mandate increase information acquisition via EDGAR? Prof. Jie Zhou ̰
6.2 Online Product Reviews: Implications for Retailers and Competing Manufacturers University of Florida
6.4 Inventory and shipment policies for the online movie DVD Rental Industry University of Florida at Gainesville

Fast Fashion Zara

̺ ǥ ڶڸ
6.5 ƽ ȸͺм ȸп

Field Structuration and Post-Movement Divergence of Activist Arts: Societal Democratization and Diverging Paths of Korean Minjung Arts


The relative Importance of Social Presence and Virtual Presence to Social Trust in an Avatar-Based Online Community: A Multi-stage Usage Model

University of North Texas US
6.9 Public
Discussion and Social Sharing: Online Word-of-Mouth Generation
on              Daily Deals Sites
IE University
6.18 Looking Backward through the Looking Glass: Reference Groups and Upward Comparison ڰ

Weaving a Healthy Divide: The Effects of Group Faultline
and Subgroup Cross-Dependency

ȣ ȭ 濵


[5.15 Prof. Martin Kilduff ]Prof.Martin


[5.15 ȫ åӿ ]

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