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Professors Im Il and Seunghyun Kim publish articles in the top journal MIS Quarterly
Date: 2016-08-23  |  Read: 624

Professor Im Il and Seunghyun Kim of Information Systems have published articles in the top journal of their field: MIS Quarterly, Volume 40, Number 1.  


» Professor Im Il · Article title: Deal-Seeking Versus Brand-Seeking: Search Behaviors and Purchase Propensities in Sponsored Search Platforms

· Content and purpose: This study investigates how in sponsored research the relationship between the characteristics of keywords and advertising effect is moderated by product and customer type. Analyzing data from search engines, the findings indicate that a difference in advertising effect exists for different types of products and customer types. The paper is meaningful in that it proposes an effective advertising strategy for advertisers spending large amounts of money on online advertising. By applying the results of the article and differentiating advertising strategies for different situations, it is expected that advertisers and search engines can maximize the advertising effect.


» Professor Seunghyun Kim · Article title: When Does Repository KMS Use Lift Performance? The Role of Alternative Knowledge Sources and Task Environments

· Content and purpose: This research began with the question of why so many firms face difficulty even though knowledge management systems are implemented. The article aims to answer the question by theoretically explaining and empirically testing under what conditions the effect of a knowledge management system is maximized. It implies that knowledge management system should be designed to find the personnel who can benefit most by using the knowledge management system and to  transfer the knowledge required by these personnel, because there is a limit to the amount of knowledge transfer through a knowledge management system. 

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